Preventative Maintenance Keeps
Your Gate Working

Having your gate work properly every time is important to us, and because of that, we recommend our preventative maintenance. This helps you avoid malfunctions and security breaches as well as costly gate repairs.

When we maintain your gate, we’ll inspect the motor parts, the torque of the mounting bolts, belts, emergency release, sprockets, pulleys, and more. We’ll check the underground loop sensors and control devices you may have installed.

We’ll keep your machine in top shape to provide your family with security and peace-of-mind.

What’s Included With Maintenance?

  • Motor: We’ll check the torque bolts, belt, emergency release, sprocket, pulley, and clean the motor.
  • Limits: We’ll check cams, limit switches, wiring, and test for issues.
  • Circuit Board: We’ll make sure the board, connections, and wiring are clean and functional.
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