SmartPss WIN Ver 2.1


Project Name SmartPSS
Version V2.01.0
Base Platform V2.00.2
Operation Platform Microsoft Windows XP/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10(32/64 bit)
Language                English, Chinese

New Function
1. Support software password reset
2. Event
a)New device offline, IPC external alarm and IPC offline alarm on NVR or HCVR
b)Email reminder
3.Tour Plan
a)Scheduled tour
a)New speed dome rain wiper(ON and OFF)
5.TV Wall
a)New favorite function
6.Access Control
a)New alarm tone reminder
b)Log search includes filter of card type
7.New global alarm tone switch

Revised Function
1.  Combined preview and playback in system config
2.  Marking rule of IVS video can be displayed in preview and playback interface, and you can set global switch in setting
3.  In device manager, IP address of added device can be modified
4.  In device manager, list of added device support selection by mouse, Ctrl, Shift and etc.
5.  In device manager, list the added device shows device by sequence of the last digit of IP.
6.  Add device by P2P, you can link to web in device config.
7.  Combined screen lock, user switch, user’s manual, about and etc. into User dropdown list.
8.  You can process and mark video event in pop-up link window.
9.  PC-NVR now can show allocated total space and free space capacity.
10. Default group of device tree now can be renamed.
11. Access control shows alarm icon on door when an alarm occurs.
12. Expand and fold event list of access control console.
13. Event list of access control console can filter event display.
14. For manual card issuing, you can select ASC device to issue card.
15. New “please set user group first” prompt in multi-card unlock in access control manager.
16. Eliminated old fingerprint in manual card issuing.


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