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Swing Gates

Swing Gates, Swing Gate Operators, or Swing Gate openers swing open like a door, so in order to utilize them correctly you will need to have an area that will not block driving or parking areas when the gates open.


  • Best used in areas where space is limited
  • Can be used as single or bi-parting gates
  • Fully suspended and supported at hinges
  • Standard or custom design

Some Types of Swing Gate operators

  • Actuator / Worm Gear (screw driven arm) swing gate operators
    Actuator gate operators usually mount to the gate and the gate post or column.
    Actuator gate operators usually do not require much room to operate.
  • Articulated arm swing gate operators
    Articulated gate operators commonly mount to a concrete pad, post mounts, or a steel pedestal.
    Articulated gate operators require more room for the arms to function properly.
  • Hydraulic Swing Gate Operators.
    Hydraulic gate operators usually require positive stops to function properly.
  • Underground swing gate operators
    Underground gate openers usually require positive stops to function properly.

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